I hope that your spring break was refreshing and rejuvenating. It seemed like a deep breath to me. I am reminded that the life of an artist is full of breathing: at times you’re breathing in various inspirations, and other times you’re exhaling your own creations. It’s a constant breathing in and out, absorbing the stimuli around you, and adding your own ideas to the conversation of life.

Spring break was a time to breathe: to take in all of the marvelous accomplishments of our students and to consider  possibilities for the weeks yet ahead. I want to share just a few of the inspirations from the Fine Arts Festival I had to reflect on over the break.

What an incredible evening! A big thanks goes out to my persevering mother who helped set-up and tear-down ALL DAY; to my mentor, Mrs. Clarke, who so kindly packed up the many sculptures we had in the show; to Christian, Brett, and their mom for their spontaneous help taking down the artwork (and making a gloriously large tape ball in the process); to the staff and administrators who came to support the exceptional work of our young artists and musicians; to the parents, families and friends who made it a priority to be there (including my own sister, nieces and nephew!); to the young artists themselves for their enduring enthusiasm and unbridled energy they pour into their artwork on a daily basis; and to the many, many other hands who played a role in making the Festival a major success this year. Thank you! We couldn’t have pulled it off without you!

Here’s to the weeks of inspired art-making still ahead!

Happy Spring,

Ms. Brewer

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